PHA recognises units’ efforts


THE Family Support Centre and eye clinic were the two units under the Southern Highlands health authority curative health services that received awards on Tuesday for their performance in reaching set targets.
Director Martin Sa’avu said this was the first presentation of awards to acknowledge the efforts of its health workers.
The awards ceremony was facilitated by the authority’s chairwoman Stephanie Campbell and deputy Peter Nupiri on Tuesday.
Sa’avu said the centre was established in 2014 and currently has three health workers.
The centre has two new clinic sites at Nipa and Kagua stations.
“The team has visited schools, churches and communities making awareness and issuing pamphlets; the team also trained staffs,” he said.
Sa’avu said the eye clinic was recognised for its outstanding performance in visiting the five districts in the province.
He said the authority would continue to give awards next year onwards to encourage and motivate its workers.