Philemon criticises move to hold camp in Alotau

The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

MILNE BAY Governor Titus Philemon has questioned the decision by the Government caucus to hold its political camp in Alotau.
Philemon, who has joined the Opposition along with his People’s Progress Party to prepare for a vote of no confidence against the Prime Minister on Friday, said it was unfair that the prime minister and his government MPs should continue to use Alotau and Milne Bay for their political manoeuvres and convenience.
“It’s like every time this Government runs into troubles or when it wants to trial something new,  it runs to Alotau and Milne Bay to take advantage of the peaceful and goodness of our place to re-energise.
“Our people are getting tired of being used and abused like guinea pigs,” he said.
Philemon said the people were already questioning how they and their province would benefit from the Alotau Accord, the Government’s blue-print policy that was formulated during the creation of the current Government in 2012.
Philemon said it would be more appropriate for the Government to take its camp to the Highlands or Morobe or NCD, where the problems were rooted.