Phone ban in road law


DRIVERS talking on a hand-held mobile phone while driving face a fine of K2500 if they are caught.
Similar fines are in place for texting, reading text messages, using the internet or other electronic devices while driving.
The stiff fines are part of the new Road Traffic Act (RTA) that have come into effect this month in an effort to cut the road toll.
Traffic Directorate acting Chief Superintendent Joe Joseph said many drivers were not complying with traffic rules and were still careless and dangerous on the road.
He said if you were arrested by police or traffic officer breaking the law, you could face paying an instant fine or face the court for more serious offences like talking on a hand-held mobile phone while driving.
Joseph said the mobile phone caused distraction and a number of fatal accidents had been recorded on PNG roads recently as a result of the driver being engaged in a conversation.
He said the new Traffic Act should not scare motorists because they were designed to make the roads safer.

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