Physical planning of towns crucial

National, Normal

The National, Thursday July 11th, 2013

 A MORATORIUM should be imposed to address non-compliance of proper physical planning in the development of cities and towns, Deputy Prime Minister Leo Dion says.

Dion said he had suggested to Lands and Physical Planning Minister Benny Allan for a direction from the National Executive Council to all cities and towns in the country to maintain the rule of law.

“A moratorium for compliance, preferably after five years, must be given to law breakers after which application of the laws and policies must be strictly enforced within appropriate legal means for compliance,” Dion said.

He said for East New Britain, he was concerned that guidelines and common rule of law, including approved policies on disaster mitigation and development in town boundaries, had not been applied and enforced.

“We must improve on this and I call on the provincial physical planning board as well as the public to be strict and vigilant in raising issues of concern with regards to compliance with land development codes and policy guidelines.”

He said such situations may be witnessed in other parts of the New Guinea Islands.

“I speak from my heart, I am not going to lay back and say nothing is wrong,” he said.

“Through the existing systems and institutions of government like the provincial physical planning board and building board, the people’s trust can be only be maintained if decisions are made free from outside influences and without fear or favour.”

“Physical planning and the people of PNG, we cannot entertain other people to dictate to us the process of government, their wishes and intentions to make more money out of the people of this country,” Dion said.