Pick leaders who can deliver

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The National, Monday 17th June 2013

 PEOPLE in the Porgera local level government in Enga have been urged to think before casting their votes for  presidents and council leaders.

Nickson Pakea, representing the business community in Porgera, said development was not reaching the people in the council wards and they needed leaders who could provide those services and developments.

“Presidents and councillors will play a very important role in order for the people to benefit,” he said.

“I know many people are supporting candidates because of blood connections. But is he or she the right person?”

Pakea said the crime rate would be reduced if good leaders were in charge.

“National government funding will come through the LLG and that is where people are going to benefit. 

“You must not be bribed to vote in wrong people. This is wrong and in the end we will suffer.

“My appeal to the people of Porgera LLG is we must make a right decision in this election.

“Why are we crying for services when we do not vote good people into power?”