Pick up the pace, NID office


THE slow pace of NID registration ionwide is likely to go beyond the next general election in 2022.
Given the country’s terrain and logistical challenges, the difficulty in registering millions of people was clearly shown by the current registering of SIM cards with the deadline being extended.
A new approach is needed to complete the registration within the next three-and-a-half years.
This is if this is meant to be used for the next general election in 2022.
Besides partnering with other stakeholders, especially the churches, to fast-track registration, the department responsible should also send out/set up mobile teams to remote areas and stations to register people.
In fact, the daily long queues outside the NID Office under the scorching sun, also calls for a re-think on ways to efficiently register people in NCD and Central.
Naturally, its budget and proper usage would be the overriding factor.

Manu resident, NCD

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