Pigs giving landowners a chance to diversify and save


LANDOWNER companies in Hela and Southern Highlands are diversifying into the agriculture sector with the support of Oil Search and Business for Development.
Trans-Wonderland Ltd (TWL) and PNG Mining and Petroleum Hospitality Services (PNGMPHS) were the first of four landowner companies to pay their share of start-up capital for Highlands Pik Kompani Ltd, a commercial piggery project.
Trans Wonderland paid K100,000 (33 per cent), while PNGMPHS paid K25,000 (9 per cent).
The other partners include Gigira Development Corporation (33 per cent), Mananda Umbrella Joint Venture (15 per cent) and Innovative Agro Industry (10 per cent), which is set to pitch in its share in the coming months to get the venture off the ground.
Trans-Wonderland managing director Larry Andagali commended Oil Search for taking the initial steps to unite the companies and get them to invest in the project that would have mutual benefits for all parties.
“TWL would like to thank Oil Search for your focus on community engagement activities, which will provide sustainable options for our people,” he said.
“For the last 27 years, we have been paying them royalties and dividends but without a savings culture, monies were just used up.
“The Highlands Pik Kompani concept is now providing them with this option to invest.
“I am behind this concept 100 per cent.
“Thank you Oil Search for this initiative and for other good sustainable initiatives in improving education and health.
“As a proud landowner company, we’re pleased to be part of this project that will bring improvement to the lives of our people.”
Chairman of PNGMPHS Peter Heno said such a sustainable project would have a lasting impact on local communities by helping them become self-reliant.
“This project has many positive outcomes for both our people and company and I thank Oil Search for their vision to bring this project to life,” Heno said.
“Piggery is part of our livelihood and this initiative is now commercialising it as an income generating opportunity.”
Heno also said PNGMPHS would use Highlands Pik Kompani learnings to pursue marketing and distribution of Kutubu sago in the near future.
Oil Search PNG stakeholder engagement general-manager Leon Buskens thanked both companies for taking the lead.
“Oil Search thanks both Trans Wonderland and PNGMPHS for their contribution towards the Highlands Pik Kompani, a project which has huge potential to empower our people in the villages to be part of development,” he said.
“As agriculture and pig livestock is part of our peoples’ DNA, this is a great opportunity to engage them in business activities that will benefit them in the long run.
“It is also good in a business sense for our landowner companies to diversify their businesses to be sustainable and operate beyond the project lifetime.”
Buskens said the project was a positive investment for all parties involved.
“The partnership is an important step towards engaging our people in income-generating activities which will bring change to their livelihoods,” he said.
The piggery project is intended to encourage and facilitate associated inclusive business activities across a number of commercial activities including a feed mill, slaughter facilities, product preparation area and storage freezers providing direct income-earning opportunities for people in rural areas.
The Highlands Pik Kompani set-up is planned for Tari in Hela.

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