Pilots’ actions baseless: Duma

The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

PUBLIC Enterprise and State Investment Minister William Duma says the action of the airline workers in disrupting services is unacceptable.
He said this in response to actions by Air Niugini workers that caused flight delays last week.
“This is unacceptable behaviour when none of the decisions made by our prime minister or myself as minister responsible or any other ministers of the government have affected their terms and conditions of work,” Duma said.
“This behaviour by Air Niugini has got nothing to do with the industrial matter for which they will be complaining about.
“We have not made any decision which has resulted in the loss of their entitlements such as sick leave entitlements, basic wages, overtime claims, holiday pay and all those usual entitlements.
“All those entitlements have not been affected. We’ve provided them the planes to fly, the accommodation, lounge, made it possible for them to be employed on fairly attractive remuneration packages.”
Air Niugini pilots had stopped work last week causing chaos to flights within the country and overseas. Passengers to major destinations in the country and overseas were left stranded on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday when pilots did not turn up to work.
The management said the flight delays were due to some technical  crew problems.
“Tell me, is the conduct of our prime minister or myself for any other leader of country in a way directly affecting their ability to work as employees of Air Niugini.  I don’t think so,” Duma said.