Piso: I’m in control

National, Normal

BISHOP of the Gutnius Lutheran church (GLC) David Piso says he is still in control of the church.
He denied a report in The National last week that he had been excommunicated from the church by more than 150 pastors.
Bishop Piso said the pastors’ conference or meetings cannot suspend or excommunicate the bishop of the church.
He said the constitution of the GLC did not authorise the pastors to do that.
Bishop Piso said he had been the elected bishop since 1982 and under section 12 of the GLC constitution, he could only be removed by the national synod which is held every four years.
The next synod of the church is scheduled for June.
Bishop Piso also alleged that the pastor’s meeting and his alleged removal was organised by individuals who were suspended or removed by the church.
He singled out deputy bishop Nicodemus Aiyene and general secretary of the church Ezekiel Peter.
He said Mr Aiyene and other pastors had been suspended for running and operating a break away faction called the Reformation Services.
He said most of the pastors that gathered on March 12 to remove him had been terminated by their congregations and the church.
Bishop Piso said: “The GLC obtained an injunction from the National Court in Mt Hagen against Mr Peter last Oct 22, preventing any gathering of any kind.
“These pastors are in contempt of court. I have instructed my lawyers to issue contempt proceedings,” he said.
He urged the pastors who were terminated to repent and return to the church through confession.
He urged them to confess their wrongdoing to everyone, so that they could return to their evangelism role, and not play politics.