Piso: Include church reps in govt entities

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The National, Friday 26th April 2013

 THE head bishop of Gutnius Lutheran Church of PNG David Piso has called on the government to appoint church representatives on the board of government entities.

Piso said the government needed wisdom and knowledge of God to manage entities successfully.

He said churches were equal partners in goods and service deliveries in the country and they also played vital roles in the spiritual wellbeing of the people.

Piso said without churches, the government would find it hard to provide basic services to people.

“When you look at the very remote areas where government’s services are non-existence, the churches are there to provide vital services like health and education,” he said.

Piso has been  serving on various national boards and said the involvement of  churches in decision-making bodies would help address many social problems such as the gun culture, alcohol abuse, law and order problems and polygamy.