Place police at Koki bus stop


MY bag was snatched last Sunday morning (Feb 9) while I was sitting in a PMV bus at Koki bus stop.
Two boys walked into the bus, the other had a knife.
One of the boy was telling the women in the bus to give their bags to him. They took a few bags in the back seat and came to the front and took my bag as well.
I tried to pull my bag but the one with the knife swung at me and told me to sit down.
They took the bags and walked out like nobody’s business, mind you the driver and bus crew were unhelpful when we begged them to help us retrieve our bags.
The Wanigela community came to assist us.
They managed to retrieve my bag but did not manage to get the other bags.
Can authorities put police officers at the bus stops to ensure the safety of the women and children?
We have been reporting these issues to the authorities and posting on the NCD Alert page on Facebook, yet, nothing has been done.
This is the second time I’ve experienced this from the same bus stop.
I am grateful to the Wanigela community to come to my aid.

Stephanie Meyu, Via the NCD Police Crime Alert Facebook page

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