Plagiarism equals stealing

Letters, Normal

The National, Thursday 23rd August, 2012

I AM dissatisfied with the low standard of journalism that becomes more and more evident today.
Back in my time in the newsroom, putting your byline to someone else’s reports or stories was taboo.
It was against all ethics
of journalism and would be an embarrassment.
Journalists then – and some today – took pride in seeing their bylines on stories they worked hard for.
They researched, conducted interviews and in­vestigated before putting out a good story.
Today, I see bylines on press releases that are published word for word.
I fear for the future of the media if there are no checks and balances on what is being published.
Can the PNG media council hold workshops on the ethics and good practices of journalism?
I write this because the Post-Courier plagiarised four stories sent in by the Education Media Unit last week on a conference that was held in Kimbe, West New Britain.

Port Moresby