Plan for electorates

The National, Monday July 18th, 2016

THE proposal to establish two new open electorates in Morobe and split several local level government areas is still before the provincial boundary committee.
The two proposed electorates arer Ahi and Wau-Garaina.
The provincial boundary committee (MPBC) completed work for greater Ahi, inclusive of seven wards from Nawaeb urban and six wards from Wampar urban.
The 10 existing Ahi wards in Lae district were Hengali, West Butibam, East Butibam, West Buko, East Buko, West Wagang, East Wagang, Yanga, Gawang and Busulum.
Additional wards extracted from Nawaeb urban into Ahi were Malahang, Busu-Poasang, Poahom, Limki, Kamkumung, Poasum and Suko while from Wampar urban the wards were 5-Mile, St Joseph, Awilunga, Bubia, Busanim and Yalu.
MPBC Ahi representative Kwalam Tangapi said the compiled document was submitted to the provincial executive council for approval and deliberation by the tutumang. Deputy governor Judas Nalau earlier told The National that the submission was knocked back as more work was to be done.
Tangapi said that the idea to split Wau-Garaina from Bulolo district was still pending.
Tangapi said there were many LLGs in Morobe that had disparity in languages, culture, beliefs and norms.
He said without proper analysis during the colonial era, the boundaries were now intertwined and overlapping.