Plan in place to tackle sediment in Watut River

Lae News, Normal

MOROBE Mining Joint Ventures (MMJV) has developed an environment plan to address increased sedimentation issues in Watut River related to its mining activities.
This was made known through the company’s latest edition of the Morobe Miner newsletter.
Under the project, action plans were established to reduce mine-related sediments.
Other causes of sediment include non-MMJV mining activity and natural events such as landslips.
The plans included fast-tracking work to establish stable waste rock dumps, expert scientific studies, erosion and sedimentation mitigation strategies, on-going consultation and engagement meetings.
The project is managed by David Hume, MMJV’s general sustainability and external relations general manager, who also reports to the Hidden Valley JV committee.
Technical and community affairs specialists from within the joint ventures had been appointed to assist, specialist consultants were also being used and Klohn Crippen Berger were appointed as independent technical coordinators.
The MMJV has acted quickly to reduce mine- related sedimentation, the newsletter noted.
It said the practice of side-casting of waste rock ceased at the beginning of last September with additional resources assigned to the construction of interim rock toes below side-casting dumps.
Site waste management has been improved and rehabilitation programmes that included revegetation has been accelerated.