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Transport PNG

Reports by Serah Lagdom
The Minister for Transport and InfrastructureWestley Nukundj saysthe roadmap and planning of theDepartment of Transport and Infrastructureincluded the the policyand planning with much focus onimplementing the Department ofTransport’s Corporate Plan 2016-2020.
He said the Department ofTransport supports delivery ofPNG’s vision for the transport sectorand ultimately the developmentagenda as articulated in the PNGVision 2050 (PNGV50).
“The Department of Transport’sCorporate Plan 2016-2020 whichdefines the Departments role in facilitatingthe National Vision in thecontext of international obligationsand our operating environment.”
“The National Transport Strategyprovides the direction for chartingthe future of the sector. It does sothrough outlining the outcomeproperties and implementation activitiesfor key policy statements.
This Corporate Plan highlightsthe strategic role the Departmentplays and provides a sense of purposeand direction consistent withthose at the national level,” he said.
He said Papua New Guinea’stransport system sits within an internationalframework, particularlywith respect to operations in theaviation and maritime sectors. Adheringto International Conventionis vital for the passenger and freightservices on which much of PapuaNew Guinea’s future economicwealth and social relationship willbe built.
“To delivery on its strategic rolethe Department of Transport hasrecognised the need for a closeworking relationship with thecommunity and what it needs toachieve.
These are embodied in the Visionand Mission of the organisation.”
“The organisation’s vision is to bea high performing and responsiblepolicy organisation that facilities asafe, secure and sustainable transportsystem that is accessible andaffordable by everyone,” he said.
He said the plans Mission wasto administer transport relatedlegislation and provide leadershipto work in partnership with stakeholdersto develop policy that istimely, accurate and relevant to theGovernment, transport sector, industryand community.
“To be effective the Departmentof Transport needs to have an appropriatepolicy and regulatoryMandate. These are defines in thelegislations falling under the portfolioMinister and for which theagency is delegated the responsibilityfor administration and oversight.”

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