Plan to reform NCD, Central in 10 years

Normal, Papua

THE National Capital District and parts of Central province will reform their local level governments over a 10-year period with the Australian government’s help.
The PNG democratic governance programme (PNGDGP), which is AusAID-funded, is currently in its transitional phase with a developed proposal to build the capacity of wards and ward councillors of NCD through a public-private partnership with the National Capital District Commission (NCDC).
Australia’s contribution is K80,000 while the NCDC (K81,562) and the community (K3,280) also contributed towards the training of councillors for ward development planning.
The 10-year programme proper would start in January under the Strongim Pipol, Strongim Nation programme (strengthen the people, strengthen the nation).
During the signing of the grant agreement last Friday, NCD Governor Powes Parkop stated that the city residents needed to participate to tackle the issues and challenges the city faced and hopefully the structures would be goals for the people to work towards.
The city is currently being managed by the City Hall and through this project the people’s aspirations will be brought to attention through bottom-up planning.
For the first time this year, councillors will be submitting project ideas to NCDC from the communities.
The PNGDGP team leader, Dr Naihuwo Ahai, said the whole idea of the programme was to promote good governance and transparency through the partnership and  was looking forward to working with NCDC to develop the plan.
The plan is already been trialed in Bogia, Madang province, and will be the first to be undertaken by an urban community.