Plan to spread the buzz on Menyamya honey overseas


Morobe landowner company NKW Fresh Produce has been supporting bee farmers of Menyamya by looking for markets to sell locally-produced Menyamya Honey, manager Scott King says.
“The local MP for Menyamya Thomas Pelika introduced us to some local growers,” he said.
“He showed some projects that are being revived in the district.
“The local MP has set up the systems and processes, and through his support, he has been putting NKW in contact with the bee keepers.
“NKW is currently looking for markets for Menyamya honey now.
“It is a world-class quality product and we want to take it to the rest of PNG, and then look at opportunities, certainly in Cairns and in Australia and other Asian markets as well.”
King said NKW had the expertise in engaging with and taking products to the market.
He said be a long-term benefit, not only for Menyamya honey only but other suppliers of honey as well.
“Certainly NKW can expose these products to the market,” he said.
“We get the branding right, we get the distribution right, we get the supply chain and cold chain management.
“Today, it’s honey, tomorrow it can be taro, the next day it can be broccoli and cucumber or pineapple.
“What can’t we do?
“We are looking at the opportunities that are in front of us. We have got passionate growers, and we want people to support local and to buy local.
“Just within Papua New Guina, getting the distribution right on the honey will expand the opportunities. It will give the farmers a chance to do what they do well, and that is to create the product and get the products right.
“Where we come in is the supply and distribution of these products.”
King said another local honey brand the company was supporting was Buang Honey.
“It is very new for us,” he said.
“What we are doing is that we are exposing products from Morobe to other parts of the country.”