Planning board slams mobile companies for painting fences

Lae News, Normal

THE Morobe physical planning board has urged companies in Lae to seek approval from the board to paint their company logos on perimetre fences.
The board’s chairman George Naemon said two weeks ago, a private law firm had written a letter to the board, complaining about a long stretch of fence around the Lae City Guest house at 7th Street along the Huon Road that was painted in bright red, sponsored by Digicel.
According to the letter dated Nov18, the law firm had enquired whether this was against the law and if there were policies in place, relating to the colour of fences in the city.
Digicel and rival bemobile are painting fences around the city in red and orange.
Mr Naemon said according to the fencing policy under the Morobe Physical Planning Board Act, all fences were suppose to be painted green or a colour that is conducive to the surrounding environment.
He said there were standard procedures and processes in place that companies had to follow before painting fences. 
Mr Naemon said companies were supposed to pay a certain fee and then lodge an application to the board for approval.
“However, in this case, it has not been done,” he said.
Mr Naemon added that the board had a meeting last week and would be sending demolition notices to those companies who have painted fences with their logos around the city without the board’s approval.