Plans consistent with govt’s can mean an advantage, says minister

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The National, Tuesday July 9th, 2013

 IT is important to have development plans consistent with the Government’s Vision 2050 that focuses on improving service deliveries, Mining Minister Byron Chan said.

Chan highlighted the importance of having development plans last Friday while launching the five-year development plan for the Kainantu district, in Eastern Highlands.

He commended Kainantu MP Johnson Tuke for developing a plan that was in line with Vision 2050.

Chan said the plan would guide the district to properly expand its resources, including funds to bring development and services to people.

Housing Minister Paul Isikiel commended Tuke for his foresight in developing the plan, which he said would guide the district to remain focused on service delivery and development.

Isikiel challenged public servants in Kainantu to follow the plan to serve the people.

Tuke said the district plan was developed to guide them to properly use district resources to deliver services to the people.

He said Kainantu had never had a five-year development plan and people were kept in suspense about money earmarked for development and service delivery.