Plans to improve transport sector

Transport PNG

The Department of Transport has outlines plans to provide effective policy responses, improved monitoring of implementation, and by making the necessary legislative and institutional reforms that will position the sector to be responsive in a constantly changing environment.
Under its corporate plan 2016- 2020 which is the Government’s lead agency for policy development to support service delivery in the transport sector.
According to the Secretary of Transport, Roy Mumu the corporate plan was a tool that maps out how the Department of Transport will approach its crucial role in leading the sector into the next cycle of economic and social growth.
“It provides us with a “Line of Sight” that enables us to focus on the future while remaining responsive to the inevitable challenges that will emerge over the forward planning period,”
“Our success will be built on a platform of commitment by the people that make up the Department of Transport. This will be evidenced by increasing levels of engagement with Provincial and
Local –Level governments together with the front-line agencies that are responsible for delivering transport infrastructure and services that make up our transport system,”
The Department has recently undertaken an Agency Capacity Diagnostic which is expected to result in structural changes that will improve service delivery. Apparently, the Corporate Plan will be reviewed as these changes become evident to improve the allocation of responsibilities and amend timelines as appreciate.
As this Corporate Plan is a crucial step in translating the priorities of the Medium Term Transport Plan into tangible outcomes, it will form the basis of a monitoring effort to ensure the Department of Transport fulfil its role in delivering the National Transport Strategy and the Government’s broader visions for Papua New Guinea.
In doing so the Corporate Plan should fill us with a sense of direction to work together as a team to collectively achieve the anticipated corporate goals and objectives for the Department. – dot website.

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