Plans to build ‘city-centered market’

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THE upgrading of the Boroko Market in Port Moresby was to construct additional shelters for vendors to sell their produce, says National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop.
Parkop said this was only for additional shelters and it should cost about K50,000 or less.
He said this was an initiative of the city commission’s interim management, however he has advised them not to upgrade the market but to build a new city- centered market.
“I’ve been trying to encourage our management that we should not upgrade Boroko market at this time but build a new market that is the city centre and better than Gordon market so that infrastructure there and the services there reflect that it is city- centered,” he said.
“It would become a popular market easily accessed by many people with outstanding facility.
Parkop said due to lack of the shelters, the commission had recommended vendors to buy their own pop-up tents in order to sell their produce at the market.
“That notice has already gone out to the vendors so I know some vendors are already buying pop-up tents.
“Through the Covid-19 stimulus package I am helping about 50 to 60 vendors buy pop-up tents so it is only a temporary measure.”
The National visited the market yesterday and vendors were seen selling their produce under their pop-up tents as directed by commission.