Plans to introduce police foot patrols


EAST Sepik Police Commander Supt Albert Beli plans to make foot beat patrols in Wewak town more efficient now that reservists have been stood down.
He said the strategy would divide the town into zones for police personnel to operate and deal with cases efficiently.
“I’ll start off at Wewak Urban and then I will move to other major centres in the province to make policing better,” Beli said.
“Reservists have been stood down and this strategy will help us, including doing more awareness on law and order and building our relationship with the community.”
Supt Beli also called on reservists in East Sepik to return police tools and equipment such as uniforms, belts and other items that were state property.
“Many reservists are in the remote areas of the province and have not received word yet and I’m advising them to return whatever state properties they have with them,” he said.
“What the police commissioner said is final and we all must adhere to that.
“So please return everything that is with you,” Supt Beli urged.