Plans to set up radio station for Jiwaka

Timothy Masiu

COMMUNICATION and Information Technology Minister Timothy Masiu wants to set up a provincial radio station for Jiwaka.
He intends for it to be a provincial National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC) station to enable people to have access to information to develop the province.
Masiu is committed to renovating the NBC studios in Chimbu and Western Highlands (WHP).
He said that after touring Jiwaka, Chimbu and WHP since last Wednesday, inspecting NBC sites.
“My team visited an ideal site in Minj on Feb 1 to set up a temporary studio and office so our people of Jiwaka can immediately access NBC services,” he said.
“We will meet with Governor Dr William Tongamp and his administration to be part of their overall plans for the Kurumul headquarter development.
“I want a new office and studio complex to be built in Kundiawa (Chimbu).
“In Mt Hagen (WHP), we are renovating the old building that was built in 1973.
“On my numerous visits to many of the provincial stations, my heart cried when I saw the huge predicament this iconic institution (NBC) were in, due to lack of management and Government attention over the years.
“I appeal to the Government to help the provision of radio broadcasting services in our most rural areas.
“We owe it our people.
“I remain steadfast in my resolve to help NBC and this Government deliver the broadcasting services they truly deserve.
“Radio will easily promote awareness and appreciation of our various policy interventions and development projects in our respective provinces.”

One thought on “Plans to set up radio station for Jiwaka

  • Much praise for the Minister Tim Masiu in thus issue. There will be much more praise too if he can revive all the provincial radio stations and refresh their equipment and funding. The people need well equipped and well staffed stations to help foster change and grassroots education. Mr Masiu, as a trained NBC journalist, has the knowledge to make it happen.

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