Plans to set up vaccine jab centres

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Covid-19 vaccination centres will be established in the three electorates of the National Capital District (NCD) to make vaccination more accessible to the general population, a doctor says.
“The reason for that is we are seeing very little (number of people) coming in for vaccination,” NCD health authority acting executive officer Dr Maru Garo said.
Dr Garo said plans were in place to increase vaccination capacity which would see the setup of a static centres in each electorate that would be at the main clinics.
“The majority of those who are coming in are employees of organisations,” he said.
“We need to bring the coverage right across the population, that’s our responsibility.
“People need to go to the nearest vaccination site so, in other words, we are increasing the accessibility, bringing it closer to them, make the information known so that they can make a decision.
“We need to start that as soon as we can on Monday.
“We’ll start training those who are going to be part of the team which include the vaccination as well as the awareness team.”
Dr Garo said, with the support of USAID, through FHI 360 and Dfat-Australia, the risk communication, mobilisation and awareness would continue into the communities.
He said the Rita Flynn was the only static site where both the first and second dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine was being administered and was open to everyone.
Dr Garo said people started going for the second dose over the last two weeks and the second dose was administered on the eighth week from the date of the first dose according to the standard requirement.
“Some doses will be expired (at the end of) this month,” he said.

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