Plans underway to improve company services


DIGICEL chief executive Valde Ferradaz aims to improve the company’s services and put it back to the level of prominence it enjoyed when it entered the Papua New Guinea market about 10 years ago.
“We want to refresh Digicel. Digicel came to the country 10 years ago and it launched networks and spent so much on something that I think in the last 18  months we have not nurtured as much as we should have,” Ferradaz said.
He expressed his views on the market in his first three months in the country.
“People need to talk, voice calls must become cheaper and we are aiming to do this. We already have 11,000 stations nationwide.”
He said he had been in Digicel for just over 12 months when he was asked to come to Papua New Guinea.
“I like going to developing markets where you can share best practice, learn and really accelerate technology because most of the developing countries do not need to follow the path the first-world countries have gone,” he said.
“They can skip a lot of the technology phases and go straight to the digital world. I think that is the solution.
“I have been here for three months and my first impression of the market has been awesome.
“The thing I was pleasantly surprised with is the amount of literacy around communications.”

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