Plasma TVs a sheer waste

Letters, Normal

THE purchase of the plasma televisions for MPs is not only unethical but a stupid idea.
The K2.1 million is a sheer waste of money.
The purchase of the plasma televisions and the arrival of the expensive executive Falcon jet just days apart is more than co-incidental.
The shallow explanation by the Speaker (The National, Dec 10) reflects his lack of vision.
Can any of the MPs explain the rationale behind the purchase of the plasma televisions?
How can the TV sets contribute to our MPs’ potential and productivity?
Will the huge screens lead to improvements in the performance of each MP in terms of service delivery and, if so, what would be the indicators for such an assessment? 
What ever the intended purpose of these screens, were they the best choice in terms of cost-effectiveness? 

Leeheema Lahaama