Play politics, but leave Constitution alone

Letters, Normal

The National, Monday July 22nd, 2013

 AS an ordinary citizen, I believe the current Government is setting a wrong precedent with such reckless amendments to our Constitution to suit its own interest in the name of development without gauging public opinion and support. 

This has now opened the floodgates for any new government to play around with our Constitution whenever it feels like it. 

Why are all our MPs in the government very silent over this very sensitive issue  proposed  by  the  prime minister? 

If they are representing the people who voted for them, they have to make their stand clear or oppose it. 

Do not be a yo-yo to your master as this is a democratic country and it is during such times that you, as the people’s representatives on the parliament floor, make your voices heard. 

There are better ways  to maintain stability and bring development into our country than playing around with our Constitution. 

Moreover, the Government already has the numbers on its side and the 30-month grace period extension is enough to remain in power to complete any projects it may have initiated. 

Such poor actions by our leaders lead to corruption at the executive level. 

Who can we trust and believe in when the very executive government which we should be trusting is involving itself in such practices? 

You can play your politics, but leave our Constitution alone. 

There are better ways to implement any policy that is proposed or initiated by any government of the day such as appointing the right department heads who can get things done within a short period instead of blaming political instability. 

If you take a closer look, it is not always instability which hinders development in a country. 

The national government, in most cases, plays its part by allocating and distributing funds to each electorate, but because of mismanagement at  provincial and district levels, funds allocated for projects are misused and projects are never completed. 

We cannot shift the blame to instability and then try to amend the Constitution.

The national government should be looking at ways to address areas which hinder development. 

If funds are not used for their intended purposes, the government would have failed to live up to its policies and promises. 

It is not political instability alone that hinders development, but how the money is used by our leaders who have the responsibility of managing and looking after these public funds.

Please stop fooling us and get back to basics before amending our Constitution, which is the pillar of democracy in our country. 


Douglas Gilichibi

Port Moresby