Players must undergo fitness test

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I believe we have to give the PNG Kumuls our support instead of criticising them.
I have served long enough among rugby league players to understand several things which I will highlight.
Although several players were injured during the bemobile Cup matches, they were called up for the Kumul train-on squad.
Unfortunately, those on the crock list included four players from the same club.
Yet they opted to keep quiet about their injuries.
I suggest players be made to undergo a fitness test before the are named.
It would have been in the country’s best interest if they had been honest with themselves rather than allowing time, effort, resources and the country’s pride to suffer from their failure to to tell the truth about their injuries.
I also wish to highlight the selection of players.
It was unfortunate   several in-form players, especially forwards, were left out.
They are with Mendi Muruks, City Rangers, Port Moresby Vipers and at least one from Goroka Lahanis.
The current inform
half backs are with Goroka Lahanis’ – Walter Hasu and Chris Hogi.
My next point is why were all the Kumul players wearing brand new white rugby boot in the NZ game?
A small but very important fact in sports medicine is “never wear a new pair of boots” in an important game as they cause blisters.
Common sense should also prevail, and by this, one could easily work out the physical build-up of international players in other teams.
Our Kumuls “cannot  run 80% through an Austra-lian, New Zealand and British defender”.
This is where common sense must prevail, you have to work out strategies to go around, above or below them, not through them, they cannot just disappear!
And while on this subject, who said we can beat the Australians, British and New Zealand teams ‘eating cereals and bread? We can’t beat them by eating their staple diet!
We have to bring our own taro, kaukau and banana, the Fijians do bring their taro and they certainly have a good turn out in rugby.


Gerard Saleu
Via email