Playing NRL club will allow us to assess our standard

Letters, Normal

Then National, Tuesday 11th September, 2012

I REFER to Derrick Na­gul’s letter about the Ku­muls playing against the Rabbitohs (Sept 3).
On record, 99% of games against Australia or New Zealand end in us lo­sing by “cricket scores”.
My point is, before we rush back onto the field only to find ourselves de­voured once again by the Australians and Kiwis, let us try and assess our strengths and weaknesses.
Are our current styles, fitness and skills enough to match these big teams on an international level?
A good way to find out is to play with an NRL club
as their standard is on par with international test mat­ches.
If the Kumuls lose by a cricket score, it means we have a long way to go and should not be complacent with our current level.
That would be something for the coach and the PNGRL authorities to think about and work on.
On the other hand, if the Kumuls can beat some of the top NRL clubs, it would be a good sign and a motivation for us.
The idea of pride and nationalistic ideals that the Kumuls cannot play an NRL club is nonsense and comes from people who do not want them to improve.
I commend the Kumuls’ initiative for playing the Rab­bitohs because it is good preparation for the World Cup.
I suggest the Kumuls’ five-eighth, half back and centres be comprised of Rabaul Gurias players as an attempt to move away from the old-fashioned foot­ball, which is still pre­valent even during era.

Benjamin Kamil
Port Moresby