Plea: Don’t talk down Fode


Flexible open and distance education (Fode) is now an integral part of the education system and cannot be seen only as second-chance pathway, says a senior education official
Through Fode students can pursue their secondary education.
The new one-six-six education structure will have Fode as a pathway that students can choose to continue their high school education.
Assistant Education secretary- research, evaluation and statistics James Agigo said the authorities should use their words carefully to clear people’s misconception about Fode.
“Don’t use Fode as ‘second chance’, or don’t say it’s a second chance pathway,” he said.
“It is now a compulsory pathway for students to continue education through, or at an established high or secondary school.
“Fode is in the system. The education structure has changed.”
He called on education officials, schools and teachers to use their words appropriately when talking about Fode, to clear people’s misconception about the system.
Fode offers secondary education through distance mode and consists of grades 7 to 12.
The one-six-six structure would see a year of pre-school starting at age six for children, six years of grade 1 to 6 in primary school, and six years secondary education – junior (grade 7 to 10) and senior high (grade 11 and 12).
The system will now allow for students to opt to continue their high school education in a Fode centre through distance mode or to continue in established high and secondary schools.
The structure will have one, two and three school models: pre-school, primary and secondary in one location, or two school types in one location while the other in a separate one.
The third model will see all three school types in different locations but under one administration.

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