Pleas for peace as ongoing land dispute claims lives

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BOERA clan leader Muri Henao has appealed to his people, and those of Porebada, to lay down their arms and end their ongoing clash over land ownership.
Mr Henao said the fighting is from a build-up of frustration by the two  groups.
He said there has not been proper social mapping and landowner identification studies conducted by ExxonMobil and Department of Petroleum and Energy.
 “I put the blame on ExxonMobil and the Department of Petroleum for not doing the right thing in conducting social mapping and landowner identification before the signing of the licence-based benefit sharing agreement (LBBSA).”
Mr Henao said he had also talked with DPE secretary Rendal Rimua and Peter Graham from ExxonMobil about the issue of a minority group who are claiming to represent the landowners of Portion 152.
He said Central Governor Alphonse Moroi and Kairiku-Hiri MP Paru Aihi are with the majority who failed to gain recognition by the developer and DPE.
“These created the build-up of frustrations by the people. Social mapping and landowner identification must be conducted to avoid these problems. I am deeply saddened by the death of the five people.” Mr Henao said.