Please clarify this confusion


I THANK our MP Solan Mirisim, together with DDA, for assisting us with the little you have budgeted to assist students in the district.
However, I want to say something here so that scholarship officers can shine a light on it on how the budgeted amount is spend on each student.
It was claimed by scholarship officers from the Telefomin MP’s office that Telefomin students studying in various institutions in the country will receive K1,000 each from the total of K964,000.
As an educated elite from the district, it would mean to me that a total of 964,000 students from the district are attending institutions in the country.
Almost all students are in doubt and confused on how K964,000 was distributed because it is not logic!
I see only 300-500 students from the district are in colleges and universities so if every student receive K1,000 each then where is the balance of K300,000 to K400,000 or it must have been diverted elsewhere.
Can the DDA together with the scholarship officers clarify this confusion?


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