Please consider plight of those affected by mine

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday October 23rd, 2013

 I WAS born and raised in Western, which is beginning to develop with the support from some honest leaders and with the help of the PNGSDP. 

What is wrong with the governor? 

It is sad that there will be fewer job opportunities since health and education projects will be closing. 

A true leader will come down to our level, consider the situation and support the people of the province. 

I appeal to the leaders of Western and the prime minister to consider those whose villages have been destroyed by the waste from the mine. 

Those who receive compensation have enough to buy food and it helps them pay the school fees for their children.

Now that the government will take over, will villagers be compensated for damages caused from by the mine’s operations? 

How much will the government be paying landowners? 

Peter O’Neill, I trust that you will help the people of Western by giving them what they want. 


Sad citizen