Please consider what UYEP is doing


Youths, mostly are the core of the law and order problems in Papua New Guinea that has made the country stagnant in terms of development because they are never catered for or seem to be ignored in the budget thus is concentrated in law and order most of the time instead of real development to counter their mischievous attitudes.
Nearly all governments since independence seem to forget the plight of youths.
Empowerment through social projects is a way forward and can deliver significant impacts in the lives of the country’s youths should the government give serious consideration to what Urban Youth Employment Project (UYEP) is currently doing in National Capital District.
This I see as a priority area where the government of Papua New Guinea must embark more to contain law and order that is hindering development from taking place now and in the future.

Henrick Kafur
Situm Block # 58