Please fix woes along freeway

Letters, Normal

WHERE is the NCD Governor and Works Minister?
Can both of you kindly look into the blockage along the freeway at Hohola?
Every time it rains, this particular stretch is flooded.
I suppose it is impossible to recall the contractor who built this expensive freeway to come back and fix up the mess.
As such, can the governor and minister consider constructing a flyover and allow pedestrians to cross the freeway safely?
Right now, pedestrians are running across this busy freeway.
Similarly, the turnoff near the RSPCA vet clinic needs to be widened.
It is designed for one vehicle but many drivers are squeezing through side by side.
The simple solution is to widen it by another metre, giving it enough space for two vehicles to travel side by side safely.
The traffic in the city has increased tremendously and if these problems remain unattended, we will hear more complaints.


Hoks merona
Port Moresby