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CHRISTMAS is a time for families and everyone to get together.
Prime Minister James Marape in his Christmas address to the nation said despite being a country of diverse cultures and tradition everyone must get together.
Marape urged citizens who were celebrating to drink responsibly and not disturb the peace of the community.
“You must respect women in your community, respect each other and respect the community.
“You must respect women in your community, respect each other and respect the community.
“You can expect the Government to make big decisions but you, in each of your communities, must contribute to the development of our country, by respecting the law, society, women, children and men.
“It does not matter where they are from, we remain together, united as one nation.
“I ask of citizens nationwide, your government will do what we can to help our country from where we are to a better place.”
Marape said PNG is a diverse nation that has well over 836 languages and of people of different skin tones.
“It has been so since we achieved Independence in 1975 up until now,” he said.
Marape said as 2019 ends, PNG was now concluding 44 years as an independent nation.
“Today, I am celebrating Christmas with you as the Prime Minister for the first time,” he said.
“I bring good tidings and assurance to every one of you wherever you are in this country.
“Peace and goodwill be with you as we celebrate Christmas right across the nation.
“Celebrate with peace and happiness and celebrate with hope and unity.”
The Catholic church also adds that Christmas “is a time when we celebrate the many milestones and high points of our year”.
CBC (Catholic Bishops Conference) secretary for communications and youth Fr Ambrose Pereira said Christmas was about giving thanks to the Lord for the gift of his Son as Saviour to the world.
The Christmas scene of how baby Jesus was born on that Holy Night in Bethlehem depicts the gift of parents to children.
“The gift of loving parents and the acceptance of God’s will in the face of struggle and hardship.”

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