PM’s K1.5m pledge still ‘outstanding’

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SIX years have passed since Sir Michael Somare pledged K1.5 million to the Yha-Hauka coffee growers of Menyamya and the farmers are concerned that the Prime Minister might not get to honour his pledge.
Menyamya MP Benjamin Philip said enough publicity was given in the media and on the floor of Parliament to remind the Prime Minister of his pledge.
He said: “Every time it was the same old story from the Prime Minister: ‘I will deliver’.
“Can the Prime Minister make his stand clear to the people of Menyamya, as to whether he will fulfil his promise?”
Mr Philip said Sir Michael should not allow the people to wait anxiously for something that might never happen.
Speaking on behalf of the people, Yha Huaka Kopi Limited chairman Misek Abraham said the people
had done there part in growing the coffee and the Government should recognise their initiative and assist them.
Yha Hauka coffee has been certified as organic coffee by international certification body, National Association for Sustainable Agriculture Australia, which allows the coffee bags to be exported to Europe and the United States.
Mr Abraham said the money would be used to boost coffee production and to assist the farmers export their coffee.
He said the money gained from the exports would help the people pay school fees for their children and maintain the roads, for improved accessibility to outside markets.
He called on Sir Michael to honour his promise and leave a mark on the people of Menyamya that would never be forgotten.