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THE harvest of resources comes with a price – its effect on the environment, Prime Minister James Marape, pictured, says.
He was commenting on the statement by Environment, Conservation and Climate Change Minister Geoffrey Kama in Parliament on the slurry spill in Basamuk.
Marape said investors must operate with responsibility and give due care to the environment and the people. “Without specifics of the fact and the impact on the environment, the fact that there was a technical defect in the structure of the mine itself warrants deeper studies as far as the mine safety and operations are concerned,” he said. “Cabinet had indicated further investigation and assessment.
“This report and the investigation is not a conclusion and not the end of the story.
“It is a journey to towards ascertaining exactly what has taken place and what we must do.” Marape said there was a slip in the mine infrastructure and irrespective of the extent of the damage, there was a fault that warrants deeper scrutiny, investigation and assessment.
“I am giving assurance to the people of Madang, Usino-Bundi and Raicoast that we will work with all stakeholders and the Madang government led by the Conservation Environment Protection Authority (CEPA), Mining Department and inter-government relations chaired by the deputy prime minister to look deeper into what happened.
“I’m just falling short of asking the mine to cease until we take stock, but this will not be influenced by emotions to make this call but to allow due processes.”
Meanwhile Parliament has been adjourned for two weeks and will resume on Tuesday Nov 26 for the 2020 budget session.

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