PM chose the right man for education

Letters, Normal

The National, Wednesday March 5th, 2014

 I WOULD like to commend  Pime Minister Peter O’Neill for the appointment of Nick Kuman as the Minister for Education which automatically makes him a Cabinet minister.

Kuman is a learned professional and has been in and out of PNG politics for a while and has seen and experienced the pros and cons of the GoPNG. 

O’Neill’s reason to sack ministers is significant to this country and the people because for too long we  have  had  government ministers who had not  performed  to serve the  people  and the interests of this country. 

The sacking of the ministers should put other non-performing ministers on their toes because their ministry can be given to other capable MPs who can perform.

PNG is growing and is competing with the rest of the world in terms of good and stable government, sound management of economy, strong and decisive leadership, and maintains effective foreign policies and investment confidence. 

Kuman has the credentials of a professional, is a decisive leader and also has the wealth of experience.

He has the calibre to deliver long-term policies and visions of this government. 


Paul Gende