PM clears school fees allocation


PRIME Minister James Marape has clarified that parents, provincial and district governments will foot 37 per cent of school fees in elementary, primary and high schools.
Marape corrected what was reported widely after the tabling of the 2020 national budget that the Government had slashed the free education allocation by 50 per cent.
Marape made the announcement at the Christmas party for the Department of Prime Minister and National Executive Council on Tuesday, which was reported in The National correctly yesterday.
“In actual reality, and let the media expand it out correctly, in our tuition fee-free policy, we need configuration,” he said.
“So (it’s) just 37 per cent we (are) passing back to the provinces, districts and parents to pay.
“And the Government will front load that balance which is a little over 63 or 64 per cent.
“It’s a better arrangement.”
The Government will “front-load” its component early in the year while parents, provincial governments and districts can pay in July, August and September.
Marape said it gives parents an opportunity to save up in the first seven to eight months.
“We have also informed members of Parliament and governors who are willing to assist,” he said.
“If there are less fortunate districts struggling at a lower level of government, governors and members are on standby to help for elementary, primary and high schools.”
“We are trying to pick the most burdensome cost which is at the tertiary and colleges level.
“And we will be assisting in that area.”


  • I’m Mark PEKI from Papua New Guinea in Madang Province, Usino Bundi Gama District, Usino LLG,Ward 14, Walium-District Head Quarter. I’m really agree with Hon.James Marape statement of School fee
    assistance. Thanks Sir

  • This is one huge step in taking back PNG and as an individual I salute PM Hon James Marape and I also want to point out a very sensitive part in making this very policy come true is to carefully monitor and making sure the right amount according to the LATEST school population census for individual schools around the country. Those who carry out this task must be honest, reliable and God fearing because the free education policy did help much and had put a lot of administrators under pressure. On the same token, do not give money to the stationary companies because NO stationeries have reached the schools, all the money given to the stationary companies vanished without trace so this time, if anything to do with stationeries, put it in the same package and give it to the schools and let them manage it themselves. Otherwise this is a positive step and keep it up..

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