PM dares Opposition to prove shares claim

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PRIME Minister Sir Michael Somare has again denied holding any shares in Pacific Registry of Ships Ltd (PRS) and challenged the Opposition to prove that he does.
“I again deny holding any shares and I ask Sir Mekere (Morauta) to give me evidence of shareholding that I have.
“I still maintain and say that I am not a shareholder, I have never received any gratuity or payment,” the Prime Minister said when responding to questions from the Opposition leader.
Sir Mekere said that for the past two years, the Opposition had been asking the Prime Minister of his involvement with PRS and his relationship with the chairman of the National Maritime Safety Authority (NMSA), Hamish Sharpe.
He said of greater concern was the Government’s lack of action to investigate accidents involving three vessels owned by the NMSA chairman.
He said one was the sinking of the mv Sea Lark while another was the capsizing of the mv San Pedro.
A recent incident involved the mv Lihir Express, when several loaded containers fell overboard, including some reportedly containing explosive material.
Sir Michael replied that he would order an investigation into all three accidents to clear his name.
“My name has been tarnished again and again and I don’t seem to get a response.
“I will definitely set up the investigation on the seaworthiness of Lihir Express,” the Prime Minister said.
He also reiterated that he would always try to help any citizen who requested assistance but stressed that he was not looking for “any payments”.