PM directs PNG Power to cease fuel-run generators in 2020

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PRIME Minister James Marape has directed PNG Power Ltd (PPL) to cease all fuel-run generators in Port Moresby from next year.
Marape, during the commissioning of the NiuPower plant outside Port Moresby on Friday, said PNG Power should migrate to gas-powered electricity.
“By this time next year, I want fuel-run generation in Port Moresby including PNG Power’s own Moitaka to be ceased,” he said.
“This is a small but very significant occasion, a step in the right direction, a big step we are taking forward to harnessing the potential of cheaper energy from our own gas resources.”
Marape said PNG Power was expected to look at how best to improve efficiency.
“No more lobbying on the side with proposals. They must be publicly auctioning it,” he said.
“There is a racket going on out there.
“I can’t understand why they own the generator, you supply the fuel, and they bill you for the fuel and everything else that goes out there in PPL.”
Marape said the country needed “a lot of energy”.
“We want to build throughout the country, the national road grid and power grid that run with it.”
Marape said in future when the need arose, PNG Power and the state enterprises minister would come up with the policy to get private power generators to bid for it instead of lobbying.
“We expedite on refurbishing Rouna and we work on bringing the other Edevu project on board so we running on hydro and gas in a time when we have accessibility to hydro and gas powered electricity.
“PNG power should migrate into these areas and cease from running fuel run generations in the first instance.
“I look forward to PPL to also clean up your act,” he said.

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