PM hails comments on pension proposal

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The National, Friday July 5th, 2013

 PRIME Minister Peter O’Neill has welcomed comments from Brown Kapi, director of the Hohola Rehabilitation Centre, on the Government’s proposal to introduce pension for people living with disability.

“Brown Kapi has been vocal on issues concerning people living with disability, and I welcome his comments about what our government is proposing for Papua New Guineans who are living with some form of disability,” Kapi said.

“The pension scheme is only a proposal at this stage, and constructive contributions from people such as Kapi will help us shape a scheme that will work for all of us, and be beneficial to this special group of people.” 

“For a long time now, governments have ignored or paid little attention to the plight of special interest groups.

“With a large inflow of revenue expected from 2015 onwards, we have the opportunity now to map out proper polices and introduce schemes that will target these groups and their needs.

“As Kapi suggests, it does not have to be cash incentive. 

“It can be in the form of programmes and events that tangible support the group.

“I hope to receive suggestions from Kapi in the near future to help us develop this scheme,” O’Neill said.