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PRIME Minister James Marape says half his salary and allowances will go towards a fund he is initiating to help those in need during the state of emergency.
He also urged others who were employed and could afford it to support to the PM’s “Helpim Wantok” charity.
In a Facebook posting yesterday, he said: “This will be a hard year but we will pull through by God’s grace.
“For those in our cities and towns who are unemployed and with no source of food, we will mobilise food to deliver to your family.
“I ask all our Christian churches in the cities and towns where ever you are located to do a survey in your neighbourhood on who amongst us need a hand in terms of basic food.
“For those of us employed, I am initiating a PM’s ‘Helpim Wantok’ charity for this effort, so please join me if you can afford it.
“I am directing half my salary and allowances into that account to help those who are in need in this trying times.
“I will start by buying food from farmers and growers and Central and those in Morobe for Port Moresby and Lae cities as first urban areas to assist and help.
“So those who are unemployed and struggling in our communities, please go to a recognised church near you and give your family name and address.
“Our two city municipal authorities plus governors and MPs will work with me in this area because corona(virus) fight requires lockdown and isolation, hence many of you who self-sustain are struggling.
“Hence, this measure we are taking is necessary.
“Our people in East New Britain have shown the way in helping with food to those villages that were directed to lock down and be isolated.
“Our Melanesian Christian character of helping those in need is called upon now at individual level while Government to will do our best to fight and assist.
“Keep a lookout for the formal cyber launch of the ‘Helpim Wantok’ initiative and wherever you can help please indicate.”


  • Thankyou PM Marape.! Many people in the city are not employed in formal sectors and depend mostly on SME as a source of income. With people be restricted by way of self isolation it will be very difficult for them to find food to support their families. Your personal contribution is a living testimony of your christian faith. God Bless..

  • Way forward…. A bold step taken by our Prime Minister as the leader of our Christian nation. It is an eye opener for not only our Members of Parliament to follow suit but those of us who are willing as a nation during these challenging times.

  • On behalf of the needy in this times during the Covid – 19, thank you Prime Minister for your hearten contribution. Your heart felt for the Papua New Guineans is a Testimony in your Christian Faith and a True Leader of this Nation.
    You and your Family be richly blessed.

  • Leadership is about people and this by far defines the meaning of true leadership. Thumbs up PM!

  • God Bless you Prime Minister for your kindness. I’m sure a lot of citizens will appreciate your kind gesture.

  • It’s okay to assist people in need but not in towns and cities. this are just bunches of lazy people who go around the street begging. Send them to their villages so that they can make gardens to feed themselves. My goodness, I do not think this is a good idea. Better ideas are still there, and one way to send those people who are living in towns doing nothing to go home. But thank you PM for the great initiatives. God bless you and your family.

  • Only a true leader who has a heart(compassion) does that..A leader for the people….leading by example. Thankyou Sir..God will bless you do know uroh!! Leader man.

  • Have not seen and heard of a leader like you with good heart, you are for the people indeed and a true leader. You are blessed PM!

  • Defined leadership character shown by our 8th Prime Minister Hn. James Marape.
    May God bless him in his call of leadership.

  • This is the first time in Papua new history for a Prime Minister to give half of your salary to the needy people during such critical times like this. Prime Minister James ! May our God Almighty give you more wisdom and blessings for your kind heart ,care and love towards our Papua New Guineans and standing right with up them during this critical times.

  • The better option would be to repatriate them home. You just pay once for their tickets. At home they can learn how to toil the soil to survive. The gesture is kind and laudable, but there will be many opportunists who will come for a free ride. Also, we do not know how long this Pandemic will be going on. He can’t probably go on like that for the next six months.

  • Thankyou PM.James Marape.A true leader has heart for his people.Blod step taken here!!!

  • Thank you PM!.That is a true show of love and compassion not only as a leader of this nation but a GOD fearing born again man of GOD. The good lord shall continue to sustain and see you through as he guides you with His wisdom, knowledge and understanding till HIS WILL for you as the leader/CEO of this blessed nation be fully accomplished/established…Much blessings!!!

  • This is the appropriate time now for allocating funds to repatriate all illegal immigrants to go back to their own provinces and villages and surge with vagrancy act to come into place for prevention of illegal trafficking and movement of people going forward.

  • That’s it we have been waiting for a leader like this for so long. A true leader always steps out to see that those who follow him don’t fall or fail. thank you Honorable JAMES MARAPE prime minister for Papua new guinea, member for tari pori, a very good regrettable lessons to all our leaders….

  • Thanks our honourable prime minister. What you are doing now to help sustain the lives of those unemployed is unique and first of its kind in our country in such hard times. You are choosen by God to look after His people of PNG. God will give you more wisdom to bring us forward .


  • Great idea Hon. James Marape. A true leader will always lay down his life for his people. Hope this shall continue after Covid19. Every individual has to be provided with food, clothing or money at such time. Most families were badly affected due to loss of jobs that resulted in many other social disorder in each family unit. The ripples of Covid19 would be much more worse than anticipated

  • A very humble gesture for the prime minister to donate 50% of his allowance and salary to help his people in need. May God continue to bless you with His wisdom during this crucial time.

  • PMJM, you are a wisdom leader and your generosity toward us is very great. God bless you much.

  • Relief some of the taxpayers too. We are going through very challenging time of the year but the government is still deducting 30% on tax. When will the government relief its citizens. Can the government make any media release on the tax citizen (especially working class) going to pay during this tough times.
    Fed up!

  • Thank you PMJM. What you did is an act of a servant leader. And a servant leader is what we have longed for.

  • Thank you PMJM for your kindness may our father God guides you to lead his people through this tough time like Moses did in the past…God bless you Leader and your family…

  • PM, we are with you. please inform your people the account number we all can contribute to or the contact person. All riches we accumulate on this earth will rot. its better to care for the needy.

    God bless you our PM and the God fearing people of PNG.

  • Defines the true and Prominent Leadership who sacrifice for others. God will bless your Leadership. We will join in Pray to combat the Convict-19 with God’s help.

  • A very kind action of a wise Prime Minister. Hats off for you sir.
    Sharing is caring…..
    Those lying around in pom & lae doing nothing should run home asap. Time nogut now!!

  • There are a lot of millioners in our country but people, institutions like health hardly see them come out publicly and assist them in whatever they may need in this hardship time. You are have shown a true leadership who cares for the real people. You are true servant who hears the cries and see the hardship of your people and look back and assist. Thank you for your contributions. You will be blessed with whatever you do during this time. Thumbs up PM J.Marape.

  • Yes we agree Mr. PM, Corona virus came into the country recently and gets all of us on the lose end, tip toeing to seek help. For me personally I would prefer you put that half of your salary to help fight the never ending law and order problems in your electorate, one of the motoroious electorate in the country.

    Corona will be gone tomorw, but the level of violence and attitude problems of your relatives in Hella is alarming. Appreciate the effort you put into helping fight the Corona virus, but remember you have pressing matters at home to deal with.

  • This is the perfect time for MP’s and Departmental Heads, with their hefty salaries and perks, to lend a hand to fellow citizens, especially those that survive on a daily income. This will certainly separate true leaders from the pretenders. The PM has taken the lead and I hope others will follow and build up a fund to support our people in this this difficult period.

  • Salute you PM Jame marape Way to bring county forewords, and help poor people in our home, street and village. thank you you PM our LORD will reachly bless you and your work. you need stay forever.

  • A leader who will not only bail out banks and airlines, but also families from losing their homes — or jobs due to their companies winding as a result to Covid-19. A leader who will fund schools, not limit spending on education to close classrooms. A leader who chooses diplomacy over igniting trouble and complain. An honest broker in foreign relations instilling message of hope to our people and aboard. A leader with integrity, one who says what they mean, keeps their word and does not lie to their people.
    A leader who is strong and confident, yet humble, Intelligent, but not sneaky. A leader who encourages diversity, not regionalism. One who understands the needs of the subsistence farmers across Papua New Guinea from the Coast up to the Highlands- the teachers, the doctors, and the informal sector (table mama), the unemployed, with disabilities inclusive etc. Not only the banker, the oil tycoon, the developer, or the technocrats. Prime Minister James Marape, we pray to our almighty God for more wisdom up on you to lead in this battle against the common enemy –COVID-19 and after, Thank you for sharing your toil to help the most needed.

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