PM hands over land title to NSL


PRIME Minister James Marape has handed over to Nambawan Super Ltd (NSL) the land title for the final portion of the four pieces of land the fund owns.
NSL deputy chairperson Dame Meg Taylor received the land title from Lands and Physical Planning Minister John Rosso to secure the final lease for NSL’s 9-Mile land holdings.
Dame Meg thanked the Government and the State for recognising NSL’s struggle to reclaim the land.
She thanked Rosso, National Capital District Governor Powes Parkop and Moresby North East MP John Kaupa for their support of NSL’s reclamation of the land portions 2156, 2157 and 2159.
“Securing Portion 2158, the final lease, enables the fund to progress the 9-Mile land portions with certainty on the ownership,” she said.
“Nambawan Super can now (make) investment decisions and determine what is feasible and meets our fiduciary and prudential standards.
“In line with these standards, this investment needs to be capable of producing an economic return for the Fund and all its members including those members not immediately able to access this particular housing scheme.”
NSL wants to grow its members’ retirement savings through returns from the investments.