PM has let PNG down dismally

Letters, Normal

I REFER to the letter “PM not the cause of our mess” (The National, Dec 1) by Mamando Aiyun-Pain of Laiagam.
It seems that someone has just woken up from the longest dream and did not know or heard of the long list of mishaps and woes under the NA-led regime with the Prime Minister as the captain of the vessel called “mv Papua New Guinea”.
The writer has deviated from the real cause of scandals of money-laundering, political mishaps and a long list of misadventures under the Somare Government.
The national infrastructure is in an appalling state of collapse.
There is almost no delivery of public services to the people that need them most.
In the face of these challenges, the Government seems almost paralysed and incapable of addressing the many problems in a coherent and concerted approach.
This lack of seriousness is compounded by the lack of in-depth policy debates emanating from Parliament and economic forums.
The question most people ask is mundane but with the collapse of all socio-economic indicators, it does not take a neurosurgeon or a rocket scientist to realise that something is amiss here.
However, the answer to this is as elusive as the “pot of gold at the end of the rainbow”.
Even politicians are at a loss to provide answers to the satisfaction of an ordinary mother, who toils from sunup to sundown in the garden somewhere in Obura-Wonenara.
It is the Government’s decisions that matters most.
But the people are let down by these policy-makers who fail to formulate relevant policies and implement them accordingly to shape the nation.
All sectors in PNG seemed to have taken several dysfunctional paths.
Look at the declining stature of democracy, it is now whirling into autocracy.
On the outside all may look perfect but when pages are turned, what we have are recipes for disaster.
If one journeys through the corridors of Waigani, he would be astonished to discover secret escape exits constructed to avoid exposure, Ombudsman Commission interrogations and prosecutions.
Yet somebody is trying to be exempted and be blameless from all these social perils and economic disasters.
The current quagmires contributing to these social disorders of crime-related mayhem, chaos and lawlessness, increased unemployment and total anarchy are evident, yet the Government is so blind to notice any of these.
Furthermore, the instability of the recent drama on the democratic parliamentary session has also been added to the “hall of shame”.
Are we looking at a “failed State” scenario?
Although, the Government has produced a sustained economic progress through macroeconomic management, the social indicators have undoubtedly proven that goods and services delivery are still worst off since 2002. 
Misappropriations of funds, resources and other public funds have not been acquitted and accounted for.
It seems they have been sucked up in a political manipulative vacuum cleaner which nobody knows the outcomes and the perpetrators continue to enjoy the luxuries and benefits from the taxpayers.
Do you call these acts as justice and fair-play? 
What PNG need is a five to 15-year plan that is achievable, not a 40-year plan that will be non-existent long before 2050.
Governments are designated to perform functions for the livelihood of their citizens, procure and manage resources and frame workable goals and policies to be transformed into tangible goods and services for the maximum benefits of the people of Papua New Guinea.
Not just mere selfishness and money-laundering for personal gains.– Mehrra Minne Kipefa Obura-Wonenara