PM has let us down, unlikely to achieve MDG goals

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I REFER to the letter “PM not the cause of our mess” (The National, Dec 1) by Mamando Aiyun-Pain of Laiagam.
The Prime Minister entered office in 2002, two years after the millennium development goals (MDG) were defined.
Sir Michael Somare could well end up as the first PM to serve to two full consecutive terms in our short history.
He had ample time to ensure the MDG goals are met and the opportunities to do that are not limited as we are enjoying a commodities boom.
So for the writer to say the PM is not responsible for the mess is grossly misleading.
PNG follows the Westminster system of government, one of the best systems for a leader to legislate (make laws and policies) and see its execution, whether for the better or worse. 
Unfortunately, what we are seeing now is the latter.
Many of our departmental heads are incompetent, thanks to poor appointment decisions.
Sir Michael is too soft and not ruthless to sack incompetent departmental heads.
The question is why?
As the Prime Minister, he wields immense power.
Instead, he opts to blame the public system without taking any real action.
This is nonsensical.
Remember, what happens at the top, trickles all the way down to the bottom.
So if departmental heads are not held accountable, the deputies, principal advisers, financial officers, executive officers, technical officers, secretaries, administrative and all the way down to the tea boy are not accountable to anybody too.
So where is this country heading to?
The majority of our people are poverty stricken; there is an increase in HIV/AIDS, child and maternal mortality; the never-ending shortage of drugs in the health sector; law and order problems; and impending failure of achieving the MDG goals.
These MDG goals are indicators of the performance of the Government.
Right now, I would say the PM has let his people down.
Unless he gets tough and get each and every department head accountable, we are heading nowhere.
Maybe it is a good idea to change the current system of governance and seriously look into the presidential system currently being advocated by NCD Governor Powes Parkop. 
Separate the legislative arm from executive arm and let them perform independently.
Planti wantok, brata, kandre, tambu, skul mate system tumas. 
Let everyone have a vote on who gets the top leadership.
It is high time Papua New Guineans do some serious soul searching as to whom and which party we want to support come 2012.

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