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James Marape

THE Government is drawing up an economic recovery plan which includes assisting small businesses and supporting people dependent on the informal sector, says Prime Minister James Marape.
The plan is expected to be announced next week after it is approved by Cabinet.
“The Government’s 2020 budget will be used as a tool to ensure that there is life in the economy,” he said.
“We will be moving money out (from Treasury and Finance) to provinces and districts to maintain life in the economy.”
Marape was responding to concerns raised about those facing financial difficulties because of the Covid-19 lockdown and the loss of employment.
He said the economic stimulus package recently announced by the Government would “come in many forms”.
“Something that I am very interested in is to ensure that our small businesses are given a great deal of support,” he said.
He said the Government had arranged with commercial banks to provide “soft loan” facilities for small businesses.
“(By soft loan) I a mean at four per cent (interest) over 15 to 20 years,” he said.
“We will try to bring our economy back to life at the very earliest.”
Marape said the Government would arrange for food to be distributed to people in settlements especially in Port Moresby and Lae.
Cabinet is working on incentives to help small to medium enterprises and those in the informal sector cushion the impacts of covid-19.
“We will be announcing some initiatives for our people in our suburb and settlements who depend on daily markets to survive.”
The Government also plans to repatriate those facing difficulties in urban areas back to their villages.
He said the State of Emergency should end on June 2 although protocols on dealing with the Covid-19 would continue.
It is expected that schools and international flights would be allowed to resume. Students have been provided lessons at home through television and radio broadcast.


  • Please stay Proactive. The lifestyle that we have cannot stop the Virus if it reaches our shores. Our Health Department the National Government doesn’t have the capacity to fight this battle. Keep our borders closed, that’s the ONLY way we can win this war, until the there is a confirmed control of this virus world wide.

  • Keep yourself updated before commenting, borders were already closed. Yes, keep praying; you do the hard yards (95%) then God will do the rest.

  • Thank you , Prime Minister James Marape for your understanding. Please provide rations for our people in Settlements around NCD and Lae. I have personal in Eight Mile Settlement during the first two weeks lockdown. People out there were running out food. I flew out on Tuesday 7th of April to Mt Hagen. Most of the settlers were street vendors. Due to this extension of lockdown down, I believed that they will be starving. Live long Prime Minister James Marape for your wisdom. God has appointed you to be our Prime Minister. God blesses you.

    From Peter Bengande
    Angore, Tari

  • The HEAVENLY FATHER knows what is coming hence a PM needed to Lead the Nation through tough times was elected. PNG will get through this.

  • Well done PM. Now can we bring in all those big Multi Nationals that are laying of stay when the orders where clear. Not allow are they irresponsible and selfish but they can blantely defy a government order. This should not be tolerated and they should be removed from the country we don’t need them, we have done without them and can do without them.

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