PM leads nation in prayer on Repentance Day

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Some of the women in their PNG colours who attended the National Day of Repentance. – Nationalpics by KENNEDY BANI

PRIME Minister James Marape yesterday led the nation in prayer “acknowledging God as our strength against our enemies, the source of sustenance and origin of our very existence”.
“I stand before God and his people with an overarching thought which permeates my spirit that a nation who fears the Lord God of the universe shall be blessed,” Marape said.
“This marks a day on which our nation invokes the Creator of all things, to intervene in our national affairs.”
The National Repentance Day, first celebrated on Aug 26, 2011, was held at the Sir John Guise Stadium which Marape and wife Rachel attended with other MPs.
The event was coordinated by the Department of Youth, Religion and Community Development. Department Secretary Anna Bais said: “We need to go into repentance as a government, families and communities. This is the day we need to put things right.”
She quoted 2 Chronicles 7: 14: “If my people humble themselves and turn from their wicked ways and seek my face, I will come and heal them.”
She plans to organise a better and bigger national event next year.
Marape said the belief in Christian ideology and teaching should shape PNG today and into the future.
“If there is one task yet to be executed on this national journey, it is to formally declare PNG a Christian nation by an Act of Parliament,” he said.


  • PM Marabe should also go and preach to the Hela people. There is a lot of tribal fighting going on recently in Tari Pori district and Hela as a whole. Innocent lives including the Tari Secondary School grade 12 student are lost. There is a need for leadership on the ground. Hela society is torn to pieces. Women and children are experiencing nightmare every day going from place to place seeking refuge in another place, only to find that fighting flares up in that place as well.
    There is complete break down of law and order. Leaders should hold forums and come up with effective strategies to address the lawlessness in Hela.

  • As people of God, we stand united as a nation to pray for one another provinces, which is our duty as Christians with our leaders, with the strength of our awesome powerful creator, remember the enemy of Christianity is like a roaring lion, when one end is okay then he turns around to another, wake up we all united to pray for one another
    as a nation of God, one cannot do it alone, God’s mercies and blessing upon us PNG

  • Good on him, PMJM. Now could he also pray and remove the curse that he put on his people? It’s not a joke for a leader to curse his people. A blessing would be more appropriate for all human were born into a sinful world, thus, all are sinners. No one is perfect. God bless this country!

  • We also have Bahai and Islam in our country. Conflicts between Christians and Muslims have ensured for centuries. Are we to become another battle ground for religious fanatics in the distant future?

  • Samson, from the we are going now, that looks most likely. But maybe after we are gone.

  • As a leader of the nation and leading your people through the word of pray is far better sample shown to your people in this country and also in the eyes of our God all mighty. Praying with all our hearts is better than fifty/fifty. Love your enemy as you love yourself that is christian principal. God is master piece and he knew our hearts earlier than ever.

  • Today is the time to reflect our past deeds and repent, but most importantly is we ourselves (individually/personally) must alter from our wrong attitudes/behaviours/minset and look into how we can free ourselves from those problems and issues that we gone through. This is how we will free from such a problem. Remember good citizens of PNG, “even PM and the politicens, word councils, pastors, how much money you have, your qualifications and etc”. to solve our problems at one point, never. Thus, go back to your home and find where you go wrong and take action forward to help yourself. Thank you whosever reads this and wish to take a action.

    By: Daniel Kawak

  • I commend the PM for his leadership. Just hope its not a show, The people in PNG need God-fearing leaders who have the peoples interest at heart.

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