PM made the right call to scrap PMC

Letters, Normal

I WANT to express my gratitude to the prime minister for making a wise decision to scrap the Pacific Medical Centre.
Building the medical centre would have been a waste of funds.
Look at the run-down facilities at the major hospitals in the country like the Port Moresby General Hospital, Modilon, Angau Memorial Hospital and others.
They are all in dire need of major repairs, upgrade and refurbishment.
People of Papua New Guinea are dying of curable diseases.
Malaria, HIV/AIDS, TB and cancer such as cervical and breast cancer affect thousands of Papua New Guineans each year due to non-availability of equipment such as scanners, laboratory testing kits, surgical gloves, theatre gowns, masks, oxygen, medicines and the list goes on.
And yet the health minister and planning minister want to build the PMC which will only serve a handful of people.
What benefit will the PMC bring to the people of this country?
The majority of the people will not be able to access the facilities as the treatment costs and consultation fees will be higher than those charged at PMGH or any other hospitals in the country.
We should use the K500 million to upgrade all the major hospitals and clinics.
The money should be used to buy proper equipment, improve housing and pay for the medical workers, build rural hospitals in remote districts, etc.
If the government were serious in improving our health facilities, then use K500 million properly and then we will not have to be referred to hospitals in Australia, Philippines or any other country for the matter.


Troy & Dennis Dadi
Saroa Keina village
Kwikila, Rigo